Mobile Irrigation Lab

Mobile Irrigation Lab


Robert Perez, MIL Team Leader




Free Irrigation evaluation for your farm, grove, or nursery site to help you save water & money.  Call us now to have our professionally trained agricultural researchers evaluate your irrigation system and make recommendations based on these evaluations.

Our Mission
The Mobile Irrigation Lab seeks to positively alter irrigation management by making recommendations to improve a system’s performance and encourage better water management practices.

MIL HandbookMobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) Handbook (PDF)

Why conserve water?
When water is not applied uniformly, plants will receive too much water in some areas and too little water in others, and it costs more for the water itself, or the energy to pump the water.  Applying too much water can also leach valuable fertilizers and pesticides past the crop root zone, wasting money and potentially harming the Biscayne Aquifer, our sole source of drinking water.  A more efficient irrigation system saves money and water!

What is a Mobile Irrigation Lab?
The Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) is a water conservation program in Miami-Dade County that evaluates irrigation systems in agricultural areas.  It was established as a free, public service in April 1992, modeled after mobile irrigation labs operating in California and Texas.

How does an evaluation work?
The MIL visits the farm, grove, or nursery site, and conducts a series of tests over a two-hour period, measuring pump flow rates, sprinkler pressures and flow rates, and application uniformities.  The MIL also provides each operator with water analysis that measures pH, TDS, alkalinity, hardness and nitrate.  The owner/operator answers a few questions about irrigation practices and turns on the system.  All of the results are confidential and are mailed only to the owner, and include recommendations on ways to improve the system’s performance.

How is the Mobile Lab funded?
Funding and support comes from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The MIL staff, Robert Perez, Team Leader, is an employee of the South Dade Soil & Water Conservation District.

How much water has the MIL actually saved?
Since 1992, the Miami-Dade MIL has documented the potential water savings of over 2.2 billion gallons.  That is enough water to supply 12,941,176 people water for a day, or 35,455 people water for a year.

  • Measuring pump flow rate at the pump discharge pipe with an ultrasonic flow meter.
  • Taking pressure readings of  a micro-sprinkler in an avocado grove to determine uniformity throughout the irrigation system.

Summary Water Savings by Agricultural MIL June 2013 – June 2014 (PDF)

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